Most of the clubs listed on this website hold beginners’ programmes for Juniors and Adults. The length of the courses does vary but the contents are very similar. You’ll learn how to stand like a fencer, hold the sword correctly, move, attack and defend, as well as how to manipulate your blade in preparation for attacking and defending. You won’t need specialist equipment because this will be supplied to you for the duration of the programme. All you need to wear will be a t-shirt, track-suit trousers or jogging bottoms (Jeans, cargo-pants and any trousers with external pockets are not safe), socks, and thin-soled trainers. Those with long hair should have something to tie it back with, those who use an inhaler should have it with them. You should bring a plastic bottle of plain water to your training sessions – it can be thirsty work and you must keep properly hydrated throughout! Finally, have something warm to change into after the session – such as a sweatshirt or hoodie.