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There are 4 Level of England Fencing coach qualification for each weapon. For those fencers who have gained some experience, including competitive experience, Region runs Coach Development Programmes. Around about Easter each year is a Fast Track Level 1 programme which comprises three days; Safeguarding (Child Protection) and First Aid, and two days of technical and general coach education, then in the Autumn of each year is a somewhat longer and more involved Level 2 Coach Development Programme, though we do accept candidates for the Level 1 Coach award onto this programme. Level 3 and 4 Programmes are organised regionally and nationally.

Provisional dates for upcoming training are:

Fast Track Level 1 Coach Development: 5th and 12th April

Norman Randall will also be offering an apprenticeship-style programme based at Radcliffe Sword Club on a Tuesday evening. Contact him for further details at

Contact the secretary for more information on either of these courses at