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East Midlands BYC Qualifier 2017

Sunday 19th March 2017

– registration is now closed (as of Friday 10th March).

Competition Information

The East Midlands BYC Qualifier is a competition to qualify fencers for the national finals of the British Fencing Youth Championships. Fencers gaining first, second or equal third place in the East Midlands BYC Qualifier are eligible to progress to the National Finals.

Fencers MUST be registered to the East Midlands Region with British Fencing to enter this qualifying round.

If a Fencer decides not to go to the British Fencing Youth Championships, the qualification place will pass down to the next available fencer.

If a Fencer already has a bye to this year’s British Fencing Youth Championships, they are still welcome and encouraged to compete at this EM BYC Qualifier event. Fencers with a bye still automatically qualify for the National Finals wherever they position, and the extra qualifying place will pass along to the next available Fencer.


Competition Entry

Entries can now be done online at: British Fencing Sport80 Events


Competition Equipment

Equipment requirements vary per age group. Please make sure you bring all the correct equipment with you to the event?

Foil U12/14. 350N or 800N plastron, 350N jacket, mask, breeches, no lame bib or mask wire required. Size 3 foil.

Foil U16/18. 800N plastron, 350N jacket, mask, breeches, lame bib and mask wire. Size 5 foil.

Epee U12/14. 350N or 800N plastron, 350N jacket, mask, breeches. Size 2 epee.

Epee U16/18. 800N plastron, 350N jacket, mask breeches. Size 5 epee.

Sabre U12/14. 350N or 800N plastron, 350N jacket, mask, breeches. Size 2 sabre.

Sabre U16/18. 800N plastron, 350N jacket, mask, breeches. Size 5 sabre.

800N gloves will be necessary at the finals event as per BF rules.


Competition Check-in Times


U18/ U16 M&W            check in 8.10am to 8.30am        Start 9am

U14/ U12 M&W            check in 8.30am to 9am             Start 10am


U18/16 M&W                check in 8.45am to 9.15am        Start 9.45am

U14/U12 M&W             check in 10am to 10.30am         Start 11am


U18/U16 M&W              check in 11am to 11.30am         Start 12pm

U14/U12 M&W              check in 12pm to 12.30pm        Start 1pm


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